GGAN Graduation 2022



On June 25th, 2022, the Education Department celebrated its unstoppable graduates in an all-day, joint celebration with the Immokalee Church.  The inspiring day began with Pastor Andre Campbell’s stirring sermon, “Re-Orientation,” followed by a Grab ‘n Go luncheon and ended with a moving Graduation ceremony in the afternoon.

Overall, ten students graduated, five of whom received academic honours.  Joshua Wainwright accepted a major financial scholarship from Oakwood University, and Grace Paul was recognized for academic excellence and achievement in athletic sports.  From the Immokalee Church Barbara St. Fleur was the recipient of the Golden Disc Award from Arcadia University, and Mackenson Yrelus and Ketnisse Pierre received academic honours.  Additionally, three students -- Xaria Boatswain Emanique Cunningham -- were acclaimed for academic excellence, and 10-year old Peyton Cunningham for special honours. The youngest graduate is 6-year-old Jonathan Bell, who graduated from kindergarten.

 According to Dr. Trevor Gardner, Senior Elder and Director of the Education Department, “The Pastor, leadership and members of Golden Gate SDA congregation took delight in supporting and applauding the remarkable achievements of GGAN and Immokalee graduates at these particularly challenging period where so many


others have failed. He stressed their anchor in the Lord as a sustaining force, a force with which they must keep company forever, and reminded them of their commitment as Christ Followers to use their excellence in academic awards, sports, and in the service of their Church and the world. “Stand like the brave, whatever else you do from this moment on,” he urged.

Dr. Wilma Hosten congratulated graduates for their perseverance in successfully battling the challenges of adjusting to virtual and hybrid learning, masking, social distancing, and even quarantining, while being expected to complete class projects and assignments on time, participate in discussions, and pass tests and exams.  She urged them to find a mentor, and to be persistent in following their dreams; to reject naysayers; and to give back, using their lives in the service of others.  She charged them to: “Keep your faith.  We all live in a world that at times seems hopeless and full of despair.  But by God’s Grace, this is also a world of hope, beauty, love, and promise.  Indeed, God has destined your life for such a time as this.  And with faith in God, it will be a world of joy, success, and happiness.”  Dr. Hosten reminded graduates of the powerful promise of Jeremiah 29:11, urging them to: “Do your best, and God will surely do the rest.”

In affirming Educators, Dr. Meryl James-Sebro applauded their


courage and reminded them of the urgency of fighting the fear of teaching in dangerous times with faith (2Tim 1:7); and the need to ensure they are not silenced in the face of opposition and deliberate attempts to hide truth: “It is silence that is the soil of the ignorance and the violence that we see threatening our children today.”


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