Health and Temperance

Dr. Patricia Gardner - Head

Seventh-day Adventist Call to Commitment to Health and Healing

The Seventh-day Adventist Church affirms the commitment and objectives of its Health Ministry aiming to achieve the well being of its members and the communities it serves, and improving global health.

The General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists reiterates its commitment to the principles of human dignity and equity, social justice, freedom, self-determination, access to clean food and water, and non-discriminatory universal access to available health care. Through its ministry of preaching, teaching, healing, and discipling the Church seeks to represent the mission of Jesus Christ in such a way as to be:                                                                         

  1. Regarded globally as teaching a wholistic model of evidence based healthful living in primary health care.
  2. Seen at all times as a trusted, transparent ally of organizations with compatible goals and vision, in alleviating suffering and addressing basic health and well-being.
  3. Recognized for the unconditional scope of its embrace of all persons seeking this basic health and well-being.
  4. Involved not only administratively but also functionally at every level including each congregation and church member in this ministry of health and healing.            




Our Guest Speaker Nyse Collins (International Speaker Healthy Lifestyle Consultant)
Our Guest Speaker Nyse Collins (International Speaker Healthy Lifestyle Consultant)


                                                                                       STOP THE GRANDSTANDING


On the 2023 Health Ministries Day International Speaker, Nyse Collins, CEO of SanareLife Consultants Inc., in a stirring message filled with strategic humour, shed a red light on Grandstanding, which he said, is merely the parroting of a well-known and proven health message that we ourselves do not apply. Ouch!


A certified personal fitness chef, Collins encouraged GGAN to be intentional about applying the knowledge they already have about healthy eating and healthy lifestyles.  Collins’ dynamic health message focused on the integration of the spiritual and the physical, and healthy relationships with friends and family.  


He urged all to create a balance in their lives as we invite and wait patiently on God’s Power and Presence to perfect character development for His Purpose and Glory.  Character Development, he said, comes through Thoughts, Attitudes and Action that become Habits.


A fellowship luncheon was served after midday service, followed by an afternoon session that included a demonstration of the ease of preparing cashew milk from scratch, and a “Lifestyle Assessment" questionnaire for participants on their current health status.


Collins is often seen with his team on several ongoing 3ABN programs which have led to their own show, “A Taste of Paradise” in its 9th season on 3ABN's Dare To Dream Network.



                  Every Drop Counts!!!

Under the magnificent Florida sky, the medical team of the Golden Gate All Nations SDA Health Ministries get set for a successful Blood Drive.  The August 19th drive at the GGAN Church campus in Naples resulted in 22 units of blood, which could help up to 66 patients.  So urgent is the situation that the lifesaving blood was likely transfused into a patient within 48 to 72 hours.  God be Praised!